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Homecheck Professional Environmental Report

The Homecheck Professional Environmental Report is for use by lawyers and other professionals involved in residential property. The HomeCheck Pro report provides information in the five key areas that are not covered by Standard Enquiries of Local Authorities. Every report includes a clear assessment on contaminated land liability from Europe's largest environmental consultancy.

Every Homecheck Professional Environmental Report includes an accredited risk assessment from RPS, Europe’s largest environmental consultancy, indicating the risk of the property being designated as contaminated land, as defined by Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Key Information:

  • Complete risk coverage of England and Wales: The report can be carried out for properties across England and Wales.
  • Professional independent risk assessment.
  • Information on: subsidence, flooding, landfill sites and industrial use.
  • The latest property specific flood data: The report includes flood data from RMS, the world’s leading provider of catastrophe risk management services, including surface water run-off flooding (Known technically as “Pluvial”) which is reported to have caused over 50% of the summer 2007 floods.
  • Professional indemnity cover: Each report is backed by market leading professional indemnity cover of up to £1 million, ensuring complete piece of mind.

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Landmark Envirosearch Residential Report

Envirosearch provides a professional opinion from the UK's leading firm of Chartered Environmental Surveyors, Wilbourn Associates. In bringing together specialist knowledge of contaminated land and land surveying, Envirosearch is unique in considering the issue of contaminated land in relation to property value and use. A professional opinion means the burden of interpretation is now left to the experts.

The professional opinion included in Envirosearch will provide clear and positive guidance on land contamination for mortgage providers, conveyancers and home buyers in the following areas:

  • The impact on the value of the property.
  • The impact on the use of the property as a domestic dwelling.
  • The likelihood that the property would be designated "contaminated land" within the meaning of Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Envirosearch is the only environmental report to include the professional opinion of a Chartered Environmental Surveyor that provides clear and positive guidance on land contamination.

Specialist surveyors with expertise in Environmental Law can appraise the impacts on all forms of land and property. Wilbourn Associates provide advice on the environment, contaminated land and the resulting impacts upon all forms of Property, Land and Construction. Should a risk be detected, an additional surveyors report detailing the next steps will be produced within 48 hours, at no extra cost.

Download Landmark Envirosearch Residential Sample (Passed)

Residential Environmental Reports:

  • Homecheck Professional Environmental Report.
  • Homecheck Professional Flood.
  • Envirosearch Residential Report (Landmark).
  • Plansearch Residential.
  • Plansearch Residential + Envirosearch Residential.
  • Plansearch Residential + Homecheck Pro.
  • Plansearch Plus.
  • Plansearch Plus + Envirosearch Residential.
  • Plansearch Plus + Homecheck Pro.
  • Enviro Indemnity Insurance (up to half an acre).
  • HCP Ground Stability.
  • Homecheck Professional + Indemnity Insurance (up to half an acre).
  • Groundsure Homebuyers.
  • Groundsure Planning.
  • Groundsure Flood.
  • Grounsure Homebuyers & Planning.

Commercial Environmental Reports

  • Sitecheck Assess (With Professional Opinion).
  • Sitecheck Data (<15ha)
  • Sitecheck Flood (<5ha)
  • Sitecheck Planning
  • Sitecheck Review (<5ha)
  • Groundsure Data
  • Groundsure Screening
  • Groundsure Review
  • Groundsure Planview
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