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Cornish Mining

China Clay Mining has historically been concentrated in and around Cornwall, Dorset and Devon. Over the years this has steadily declined and the main areas that have continued China Clay mining are areas around St. Austell and Dartmoor. We recommend any prospective purchaser buying a property in these areas carry out a China Clay search to determined whether the property is likely to be affected by clay deposits, and if these areas are likely to be worked in future or if past workings pose a threat of subsidence.

Cornish mining searches reveal details of:

  • The underlying geology of a property.
  • Any mining history within the area.
  • A Mining Appraisal.
  • A summary conclusion of the indicated risks to the property.
  • A composite plan indicating the location of known, indicated and suspected mining works in the vicinity of the subjects.

Download Sample - Cornish Mining Report

British Telecom Map Search

Plan provided from British Telecom showing the location of their assets.

Download Sample British Telecom Map Search

Electricity Company Map Search

Plan provided from relevant electricity company showing the location of their assets.

Download Sample Electricity Company Map Search

Gas Pipeline Map Search

Plan provided from relevant gas company showing the location of their assets.

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British Waterways

British Waterways are responsible for granting rights and consent for activities such as mooring, fishing, discharging to or abstraction from waterways in their care.

It is vital to know in advance of any liabilities, rights or responsibilities related to waterways or structures which may impact on the use and enjoyment of your property.

A British Waterways report includes information on:

  • Any British Waterways works laid on, under or through the property.
  • Liability for maintenance, repair or rebuilding of canals, banks or towpaths.
  • Permissions for mooring, fishing, discharge to or abstraction from waterways.
  • Notices of disrepair served or proposed to be served>
  • Defects or requirements for repair to canals, waterways, banks or towpaths
  • Instances of flooding.
  • Included with the report is an extract plan indicating British Waterways boundaries in the vicinity of the subjects of search.

Download Example - British Waterways Search 2010

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